Keynote Speakers 2017

Exxon’s vision regarding Open Process Automation (OPA) – Specifications and standards for an, open, secure, and interoperable process control architecture

Bert De Wilde – EMEA Process Control Discipline Technology Lead, ExxonMobil Bert has over 20 years work experience in the process industry. Graduated as Master in Electronics Engineering (Ghent, Belgium) he had ample of regional and global engineering positions (manufacturing support, maintenance, central engineering, mega growth projects) within the domains of automation and process control. He has always taken a global interest point of view and worked in multicultural environments (Asia, Middle East, Europe, Americas) In 2010 he was lead Instrument Engineer during the construction of a large complex in Singapore, in 2014 he had the role as Instrumentation Discipline Technology Lead for the Americas Region, in 2015 lead design engineer for a large automation project in Saudi Arabia and currently he has taken the role as Process Control (Instrumentation, Applications, Systems, Process Analytics) Discipline Technology Lead for the EMEA region where a lot of focus is being given to Cybersecurity, operations excellence and innovation.

Industrial Benchmark – Industrial 4.0: Part of a Strategy

For more than 125 years, the name "Bosch" has been synonymous with future-oriented technology and breakthrough inventions, Which have written history. As a leading international technology and service company Robert Bosch GmbH employs about 360,000 people worldwide. The Gasoline Systems division employs around 2,000 people. In Nuremberg, products such as Throttle devices, high-pressure pumps, pressure control valves and electronic modules. The technical skills of the site are, in particular, stainless steel cutting, press-fitting and pressing processes, testing technology, the short-term assembly technology, logistical processes and industry 4.0 applications in the manufacturing sector.

Big data analysis & predictive techniques - The Mondi vision of the industrial internet of things - Turning manufacturing data into knowledge

Proof of success in a double function as Head of IT & Automation at a well-known manufacturer of film products, budget responsibility in the single-digit million euro area, management IT teams project-related teams of different sizes, Michael is an experienced and passionate leader in the further development and assurance of a high-performance operation of IT system. He recognizes and thrives opportunities by the assessment of existing technologies and trends & strategic consulting of the management from IT- and process-view.

Quality by ME S Strategy – How a ME S Strategy supports a Material Sciences company in its ambitions towards Quality and Operational Excellence

Alex van Delft has a background in Engineering Physics, a PhD in Process Control and Optimization, and joined DSM in 1989. He has had several positions in Manufacturing, Engineering and (Program) Management before joining DSM Corporate Operations in 2005. He has wide experience in operations and process control improvement projects, initiated process control opportunity assessments and managed projects in the field. He was also program manager for the reorganization of DSM’s central engineering department. Currently he is responsible for global Process Control in DSM, and as such heads a group of senior consultants. Main activities of his group: competence management, opportunity surveys and project support, choice of tools and suppliers, benchmarking and improving the skills of the people in the competence. Since 2012 he is also responsible for program management of the Functional Excellence activities in Operations for an important part of DSM’s business.

Since 2010 he also serves as Chairman of the Executive Board of WIB, the Dutch/Belgian Process Control End Users' Association.

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